Keeping the reader guessing (new post on my website)

Please go to to read this new Conversational Wordsmith blog post, in which I discuss several approaches to keeping readers guessing (plot twists, withholding information, misdirection, and deliberate obscurity) – along with my take on how effective they are and some of the problems I see if they’re not done well.

There is now a way to sign up on my website for email notifications about future posts, so I invite you to do that while you’re there if you’re interested. I really am hoping to close down this blog (the one you are now reading) some time next month.

Biography for Carol Louise Wilde

If you’ve ever wondered how the Conversational Wordsmith got to be the way she is, I have a new biography on my author webpage at:

Yes, Carol Louise Wilde is me. I write fiction under my maiden name.

There is now a way to sign up on my author website to receive email notices of my posts on the ConversationalWordsmith blog, which has moved there. I’m keeping this blog open here just a little longer to help people find me there.